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To install/update the firmware for the UPHCC-* series of boards,

  • first download the appropriate firmware for the board and/or application,
  • run the firmware uploader program for your platform (see below)
  • enter bootloader mode (aka. firmware update mode) on UPHCC-usb,

Firmware Uploading On Windows

Firmware Uploading On Linux

  • download, build, and install fsusb
  • make sure you run the program with proper rights to the USB devices. You might have to run it either as root or suid root.
  • commandline: ./fsusb --program firmware_hexfile.hex

Entering Bootloader Mode

  • turn on UPHCC-usb
  • press RESET button on UPHCC-usb quickly a few times (at least twice; it is important that the time between the last two presses is less than 1/2 of a second)
  • the bootloader should come up with USB Vendor:Product IDs of: 04d8:000b
    • The UPHCC application firmwares have a Vendor ID of 16c0 and a Product ID in the range of 096a to 0973.