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[[Image:Uphcc-lcd_02.jpg|200px|frame|center|UPHCC-lcd with UPHCC-usb plugged in]]
[[Image:Uphcc-lcd_02.jpg|200px|frame|center|UPHCC-lcd with UPHCC-usb plugged in]]
[[Image:Uphcc-lcd_gfxlcd_varxec_avionix01.jpg|thumb|Graphical LCD driven by UPHCC-lcd]]
=== Features ===
=== Features ===

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Gfx lcd screen varxec avionix.jpg


UPHCC-lcd is a USB-based (via UPHCC-usb) LCD controller board that can handle a wide variety of graphical and character dot-matrix Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD). It is possible to connect several different display types to the board at the same time. The UPHCC-lcd can drive 4 (under certain circumstances up to 12) seperate displays at the same time. This makes it easy to "mix-and-match" LCD types on one controller. UPHCC-lcd features 4 software-dimmable LED backlight drivers.

UPHCC-lcd with UPHCC-usb plugged in
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Graphical LCD driven by UPHCC-lcd


  • controls both graphical and text dot-matrix LCDs
  • connects to computer via USB
  • 4 software-dimmable LED-backlight drivers
  • 4 contrast adjustment trim-pots
  • contrast voltage jumper selectable
    • GND - +5V, or
    • Vee - GND (via displays Vee output)
  • allows mix-and-match of different LCD types, for example
    • HD44780
    • KS0107/KS0108
    • ...
  • single 5V DC supply required
    • via DC power jack,
    • via screw-clamps, or
    • via pinheader
  • board design files freely available under the GPL license
  • firmware and computer software freely available under the GPL license
  • works on Linux and Windows (and probably on MacOS as well)

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