Bootloader Update


Bootloader Update

The USB-based bootloader in UPHCC-usb usually does not require updates. However, if you built a UPHCC-usb board yourself, you need to program the PIC microcontroller with the bootloader to be able to upload firmware into the PIC via USB. Below are the steps required to perform this bootloader update.

What you need

  • Hexfile of bootloader:
    • Note: the original Microchip bootloader will not work with this hardware. You need to use my version that uses a different pinout, and more importantly, it uses a completely different bootloader entry method.
  • ICSP-capable PIC Programmer
    • cable to connect programmer to UPHCC-usb board with correct pinout
  • Programming software


  • Entering bootloader mode .......

Connecting the UPHCC-usb to a PIC programmer:

PIC programmer connection to UPHCC-usb
  • the bootloader should come up with USB Vendor:Product IDs of: 04d8:000b
    • The UPHCC application firmwares have a Vendor ID of 16c0 and a Product ID in the range of 096a to 0973

Programming Cable Pinout: ICSP pinout